03.03.09. Advertising. Luis Viedma González

Advertising.com is a web site that facilitates services of interactive marketing to advertisers, agencies and supports. The page was created in 1998 in the outside of Baltimor (U.S.A.) by a reduced group of personnel, who, with the pass of time, has known how to optimize results causing that at, the moment, they have become one of the world-wide leaders in marketing.
Now the agency is directed in Spain by Jérôme Massebeuf, Managing Director.
In its main page the company guarantee three factors to get clients:
1. Get results. Their clients only pay by results.
2. Reaches the audience you want. They have an extensive network of web sites and web mail.
3. Take advantage of exclusive technologies. Their own technologies of optimization are so effective that they guarantee that each announcement arrives at the most receptive public.
The page seems to be quite wide with sections for advertisers as for agencies, supports that use, data of press that support their results, and a last section giving to know its group workers.
Something that has called my attention could be the reliability that demonstrates, the security in themselves and the interactive chronology that the company has facilitated in its page with which we will be able to see the professional trajectory that it has followed.
I have not looked so much but the page seems interesting and trustworthy. I believe that I would use it if the case in the future occurred.

Luis Viedma González.

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