Each company uses different ways to promote their products. Some companies think that the traditional methods(word of mouth,sandwich board man,junk mail) are better than modern methods(TV,radio). Traditional methods have a right ratio lower than modern methods which have a huge impact. The company uses this kind promotion for products which low level of sells(market share) or doesn`t need so much promotion because is a very well known product.

The main advantage is the low price of this methods for the company.Some of them do not need any supporting material(like word of mouth) and the others only need basic material.The main disadvantage is the low level of the commercial impacts genearated in comparison with other more expensive methods.

On the other hand there are companies that use advertising media or agencies media to promote their products.This companies have a higher ratio than other forms to promote the products.This companies announce their products on TV,on radio,cinema,sponshorship or across this group there are companies with specialized media that obviously increases the price of the advertising product.The company only promotes products which it is sure that they are going to be sold easily.

The main advantage is that we are going to have certainty that the products are going to be watch in tv and listened on radio by many people,increasing the company`sales.
The main disadvantage of this method is its hight cost,the lack of information because of the limited time to promote your product on this mediums.

In my opinion,all this methods are good but i would prefer the advertising media because we are surrounded of them and have a higher impact but it depends on the kind of company

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