1) The URL is

2)Red Bull is aimed at people that need extra energy to do certain things (sports, phisical activities, studies, work…). Preferently this type of drink is created for adults or young people and not for children.

3)In this page we can find different images of different sports and people. You can also read mini-stories that have realition to this popular drink. If we want we can read something about the products that the company has, watch videos of photo galleries or even play a game.

4)This site has firstly a visualy content. They show us some images from different sports and people. Later when we click contain we can have acces to an informative part.

5)The site has some couriosities music on-line that makes it very original. But, in my opinion, the most original thing is the game you can find there to play on-line. Also the design of the site is very attactive. I like sports and it has sports as central motive. I don´t like serious web sites, and this one is funny.

Terry, sorry if I send this a bit late but I live in a residence and we have wi-fi. Sometimes it doesn't work and today it didn't worked well. Sorry and thanks

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