A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos

The text sets the cases of two airlines that suffers ‘’the b side’’ of the social networks. These social networks are used by many people for exchange information or simply to talk with friends….and other many uses. Many companies see an opportunity on these networks because it results a very huge database, with information of many people all around the world.
The beginning of troubles with airlines lies in the addictive problem of social networks, because everybody has one profile on one of these sites. It’s supposed to be difficult that a customer of an airline read the post of one of the employees of this company but the incident shows that it’s possible…and a truth after October 13th. Also BA’s employees made the biggest mistake describing passengers with strong language online.
Obviously airlines have to stop this compulsive use of social networks between their employees introducing specific rules of the use of internet at work. Other option is to forbid the post of any information about the firm, witch sounds very logical talking about filtration.
I think that the problem is bigger than some filtered information about an airline. The hugest problem is that these “social networks” control much information of many people and they can use it when they want…for their benefit!! I don’t know much about laws but I think this should be forbidden.

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