I have choosen Bank of America because is the biggest finacial service company in the world, it is based in North Carolina, the URL is

This website is aimed to anybody who needs information about his savings, future costumers or just people who are interested on Bank of America.

The main goals of this site is to offer information and facilities to every costumer of Bank of America to control their savings and movements, this means that you are able to do every type of transaction from one account to another online (online banking) saving time and money.This page contains information for either a business or a householder, in a few minutes you can see the interest that you are receiving or paying, last movements, you're money…

The most surprising fact is that college is very expensive (much more expensive that i have ever thought),so this bank offers lots of options to people who needs help to pay for the tuition, for example you can open a future schoolar account with tax-advantaged savings.

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