The main objective of the website is: to report on the services the bank provides, solve problems that have on the bank, on-line banking, customer service, job offer, financial service, personal banking, private banking, corporate information, organizations, Banking Insurance …

The website informs us about: how we can benefit whit the opportunities that given us the ''Santander Bank'', we can start a business, make donations, buy shares of the bank, inform us about our financial movements or pension plan, …

The bank offers us though his web: products and services (accounts and salary slips, loans, mortgages, banking deposit , …), spaces to measure to make financial operations ( incomers, graduates, international clients, …), solve our problems with the bank, offers its customers, simulators of banking operations ( leasing, loans, mortgage,…) , typical questions about the ‘’Santander Bank’’, …

From my point of view ''Santander Bank'' offers a complete home banking. The website simplifies all the operations. It is easier because you can do one operation or another depending on the person you are (student, amployer, self employed, …). It seems an easy informed and carry out banking operations.
We can do financial and banking operations without leaving home, and that's an advantage for housewifes, employer (who has less time), ….
It is good for the bank that its website is easy to enter and do banking.

Mark = 5

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