banking 0666

I chose the website,, that is the open bank’s website. This website is aimed to users or to potential costumer, but it is a bank that works only in internet, then potential consumers are people more or less young. They can do whatever they want, or need, with there money, they can invest, see last expenses…
I chose this website because I was surprised with what the bank offer to new consumers, because I watched before it others Spanish bank’s website and they have much less advantages. Reading on the web I discovered that it is owned by Santander bank, which is the most important bank in Spain. I was thinking about it and I concluded that they have betters offers because it is a bank that they only work by internet, then they have fewer costs, like rent. I think, this kind of bank is going to be the future of banking. You can do every thing from your computer, but if you have a problem or if you need to speak with a professional, you have a phone number and one or two branch office in each city.

Mark = 7

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