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It is aimed at all its target and potencial customers.
Customers can look at their accounts, do homebanking, ask for new credit cards, ask for mortgages or loans, they can be helped with investments, see where they have the nearest branch and so on.
Potencial customers can learn more about the bank and create an account.
It contains information connected with banking.
What surprised me the most was the fact of having an economic and financial dictionary which includes lots of words and expressions that people who does not work with that kind of vocabulary is not likely to understand.
I found interesting the importance they give to young people as they have special offers and types of accounts for them. Accounts in which youngsters do not pay any rate and have their money when they want (high availability). They also have lots of advantages such as discounts in certain brands and concerts. They can ask for grants in different countries too. I think that is a good way to approach youngsters because they need facilities as they have problems with money.
I found amazing the amount of helping programs they have: programs to help young and old people, people with health problems, immigrants, dependent people and so on. Programs to stop drug consumption, violence and programs to protect the environment too.

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