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I have chosen barclays bank because it is one of the largest global providers of financial services. Moreover Barclays is one of the largest multinational financial world by market capitalization, with more than 300 years of history and expertise in banking, operating in over 50 countries and has approximately 143.000 employees. The URL is

This web site is aimed mainly for the costumers, new costumers, residents, not residents, individuals… people who want to know how barclays works, what are its advantages or disadvantages, or what are they offers about pension plans, bank deposits, loans…

They can consult their account, invoices, also they can ask a mortgage, they can do free transfers from their UK account to their account in Spain, they can find out about the wide range of savings and investments products offered…

In this web site you can consult all kind of information like, how a company´s production can be financed through leasing and benefit from the tax advantages resulting from accelerated depreciation and deffered payment of VAT on the asset financed, also have information about all kind of credit cards, investment plans, factoring, leasing.

I find most interesting the young account for daughters or sons of a Barclays client. It offers a lot of advantages; you can enjoy a personal and flexible tool to manage your money, is paid, commission has no maintenance, in addition you can get a loan on very favorable terms and many more.

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