banking 2020

I decided to speak about Triodos Bank, the ethical bank. The page I used to obtain the information is (the Spanish official web side page).

It´s aimed to every single company, organization or a particular person which his goal is similar to the bank´s objective (social and ecology acts).

In this web side you can get all the information necessary about how to open an account such as a particular client or as a company or organization. You could know which one is similar with your way of life. Once you are a client you have access to your accounts, all transactions, operations… banking different operations.

By the way, they give all the facilities to know how the Bank works, the policy terms they have, their mission, such as their short and mid-term objectives.

Firstly, is more important the single person than profits. How to enable individuals, companies and organizations to use their money efficiently, trying to obtain more than a business profit, a human benefit. Always taking care of the environment and promoting the sustainable development.

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