1)The URL is

2)The site is aimed to particular costumers and companies that want to make a banking operation (deposit, credit…).

3)In the site we can do anything that you would be able to do personally in the bank. You can open an account, pay currencies, make a credit or a bank transfer or also issue receipts.

4)The main objective of Bankinter’s website is to inform costumers about products and movements they’ve made in real time. On the other side, there’s an operative content in this site, is what we call online-banking, that permits you to make any movement without needing to go to an office. Finally, there’s a part to advertise the products Bankinter offers to the costumers and companies.

5)In my opinion, the most special aspect of the website is the broker. I’ve read that it won a prize that included it among the best brokers in whole continent. The reasons for receiving this price were: functionality, simplicity and efficiency. Here, People can buy shares in real time and in any part of the world. In the broker, you can see the real price and variability of shares. Something attractive is that, there, we can find a dictionary that explains any concept about the stock market in order to help investors. Last, but not least, is the possibility to make simulated inversions. So, people can know their capacity to invest and analyze the risk to act in consequence.

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