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I made the homework about CajaSur,which is is the trading name of the saving bank,a financial institution based in Córdoba (Spain).
The website of the bank is:
This website is divided in five sections:
Also the website shows corporate information:about who they are,information for investors,cultural and social work,group of companies Cajasur, and employment and training at Cajasur.

This bank is interesting for me because is the bank of Córdoba and is
third bank in terms of turnover in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.
My father was member of the administration council for eight years and two of them was the council's secretary.
Founded by the Cathedral of Cordoba, it is now the Catholic Church who still controls CajaSur.So Cajasur has an important social and cultural work, focusing primarily in the province of Cordoba, giving scholarships to students, aid to persons with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion or to fund preservation of historical heritage and artistic environment,like: the grant of the hospital's Reina Sofía transplant unit.
And there is also a Group of Companies Cajasur

So this is the bank of my city and one of the most important bank of my Autonomous Comunity,and my father worked in it.And the most important thing is the Social and Cultural Work of Cajasur.

Mark = 7

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