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This site aimed at customers who want to exerce their rights.They choose, decide, understand,participe and know what happens wiht the money they leave in Caja Navarra. It´s pioneers in civic banking, that it´s to say that it´s the only financial entity which tells its customers where the profits made from their savings go. And how much money the customer contribute to the social projects he choose. In addition the custormer can calculate how much with a simulator.
It´s a very complex web, where we can join Caja Navarra(CAN) ,contact in person with the bank, to participe as a volunteer, through an active participation and volunteer work service, to decide and know where our savings are invested, we have the right to know how much we contribute and how the project is going, and a lot of things more.

This site is divided in two sections, one for custormers and another for people who read the web for the first time, and then for people who want to learnt about the bank news, for example new social projets,or events.
A part of the information is gived by a woman who tells us, as if it´s a present person about customers rights, and Caja Navarra duties, in fact she explains us the main rules of the bank, in a close way to catch the attention of the customer.

I find this web site is very interesting because it´s a very particular bank, who has a big social responsability, who seems to be honest with their customers for the reason explain before and it gives you the opportunity to see last years civic results. Moreover i think this bank has an original way to be known, this web has a good advertising campaign.

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