This web caught my attention because it is aimed at the younger segment of society, and I feel thoroughly identified with it.
I went through it very carefully so I did not miss anything.
My eyes went directly to the left column were I could appreciate the easy way for clients to get into their accounts and look for their information, and how easy seems for a non client to join this bank. The services offered by this bank to those who are not clients are very easy to find and very easy to use.
In the top we can see a separation between youth, private banking, companies… giving much more importance to the youth sector.
Most of the page is filled with different banners that we can clearly make notice to whom are they directed: in the biggest banner (when I opened the page) there was a classified advertisement of selling apartments, and La Caixa was making offers to help people buy them, but ¿who are those looking for apartments? Younger people!
Further more we can clearly see what are the real aims of the bank: four other banners (smaller than the other one) makes notice of the necessity of the bank to creating liabilities, catch people with payrolls in exchange for many advantages offered by the bank, and create more deposits. Is this times with the crisis is normal than they don’t want to lend money, I’m curious to see, when the interest of the bank changes what the banners will offer.
More deeply through the web we can find out that “la Caixa” has gives society back a large part of the profits it makes in the year of its financial activity through its Social Welfare. La Caixa gives scholarships, and helps to vaccine the children.
This web also gives the opportunity to buy cheaper tickets for music concerts, cinema…this is important to reaffirm that this web site is directed to the younger sector, because even though old people do go to the cinema or theatre they don’t usually buy tickets trough the internet.
I felt very interested by the fact that is not a usual bank, of which you open the web and the first ting you see is their “presentation” telling the customer who they are, their history… La Caixa jumps directly to the important information about the bank, the things that really matters to us, the customers, the facilities and services they give us.
I can also think that this could be because it’s a really known bank.
I was very impressed to see that more than two thirds of the page was used for advertisement, and how many things they had for social care.
I liked how this bank shows (or at least that’s what I felt) that they are not a normal bank, an institutional bank, that wants to earn money with as, with the interest they can take from us, but a bank that is really into helping the society, and especially those who are starting to emancipate.

Mark = 7

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