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The URL is (
The site aimed at people who are shareholders or investors within Santander´s group.
It offers information about the financial services, economic and financial information or the social commitment.
This site is really useful for shareholders and investors because they can know how is going the company, the profits and losses (full year 2008 results presentation), the jobs that you can find at Santander or the different conferences and seminars which have been carried out in other countries like the retail banking in Brazil.
I have chosen this site because I have found it really interesting.
One of the things that impressed me is the great information offered and how is presented to be known by the user.
The shareholders and investors can be conscious of what happened with the shares, they can access to the different websites of the group, for example, BANIF or Santander Asset Management UK.
Shareholders can get information about the last extraordinary general shareholder’s meeting and investors can see their share price on the Stock Exchange.
So, I think that the main characteristic is the possibility of knowing everything about your activity in the Santander´s group through this site.

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