- BBVA it is a multinational group formed by 35 millions clients; "" it is his web site wich it is aimed to all these clientes : Particulars, investors, young people, foreigners, companies, institutions and corporations.

Each of them has their own section specifies where they can be informed of what they should want with relations with their fields and to solve their doubts. So, you have wide activities, be the type of client that you are.

For example, I as a young woman that I am, have been surprised for the atention that they give us. We can enjoy discounts and promotions, travels, cinema, etc. To have 24 hours information we can get registrated in "", it is a web site only for us, where all the contents are directed to young people. For me, this is very important becouse nowadays, with the crisis through that we all are living, the young people we have to have full information about our money and the possibilities that we have of using it.

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