1. What is the URL (website address) :

2. Who is the site aimed at? :
This is a bank's website, which offers customers and enterprises an opportunity to grow their money through different banking products .

3. What can they do there?:
ING Direct, through its website, offers the opportunity of performing “home banking.” Through it, one may create and monitor his current accounts, expenses and make transfers without the need of going to a bank; just from their very one computer.

4. What type of content does it contain?:
ING DIRECT is a bank which offers different products to their customers, the most important products are:
- Pension plans ; for people who want to have a revenue in the future in their Retirement
- Mortgage; They can give you money to buy your own house
- Loans ; They could lend you a big sum of money to buy something , but you would have to pay an specific interest for it.
- Cash card ; they give you a cash card, and you don´t have to pay any commission if you take money out from a cash dispenser.
- Credit card: They give you a free one for a whole year.
- Shares; They give you the opportunity to buy or sell shares from the main stock exchange markets through their website.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting? :
This website offers us the opportunity to know more about their new way of banking: known as "Fresh banking". They offer the customers high interest rates. And they also, give their customers the opportunity to have a greater amount of money available.

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