Banking1010 is the URL of the bank I’ve chosen, which is ING, a large Dutch bank present in Spain and many other countries.
This bank is oriented especially towards people who want to get the most out of their savings, eliminating any risk, and having your money disposable at any time, and those qualities are not usually offered by most banks.
ING offers its clients mortgages, savings accounts, pension plans, etc. The thing that most called my attention is the payroll account, an account where if your payroll goes to the bank, you get back a percentage of your main bills.
The main page is focused on offering the advantages of its services, showing the best offers that could interest people, like the payroll account for example.
I found very interesting the large amount of publicity this bank invests in, as well as the unmatchable types of bank account it offers, with surprising benefits. In brief, it seems to be a fine bank offering exactly what the clients are looking for. Something that also surprised me was that although the bank does not possess any physical place where it operates, it permits clients to withdraw money from any 4B ATM without charging a fee. I firmly believe this absence of offices and its consequent saving of expenses is behind this large amount of accounts that offer such appetizing profits and benefits.

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