I finally have choosen Barclays because is one of the major financial multinationals of the world for stock exchange capitalization,which operates in more than 50 countries.It was set up in Spain in 1974,and the URL is

The website offers information about all kind of activities and movements of money,for example,saving our money in a sure and effective current account.
The website is aimed to people who is interested in Barclays,but especially is directed to all those persons who need lendings with excellent financial conditions and with total safety.

The principal aim of the content is to offer us his corporate information,this way like his specializing services.On the other hand,it tries to explain us in a detailed way his company and his colaboration with customers.

To sum up,the most interesting item that I have found is that Barclays offers a set of services that will facilitate customer's work enormously with his money day after day.
In fact, it is possible to extract the money at any time and in any site.

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