Banking1234 ( Espirito Santo bank )

This web is aimed to people who have a company and need to keep their money, is not a bank for people, is a bank for companies.
In this home page you can read information about all services that BES offers, such as information of investment, tariffs or information of loans ( the typical things in a bank page ).

That web really surprise me with the advising section, that includes a big section with advise of the bank about real state management, fiscal advising and help with investements. You can contract all this services with the bank.
Within advising section I´m surprise with the test of investor profile that you can do. After do it with answers of your economic situation it analyzes it and give an answer about how you are like investor ( high, moderate, etc. ). It seems to me an original service that the BES offers for the users of the page.

Mark = 6

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