The web site address that I have chosen is
This web site it´s aimed to the bank´s customers, to the potential customers, and to everyone that wants to have a relation with the bank like a current account, an overdraft, a mortgage, a cash card…

In the web site we can connect with ing, we can choose their offers, we can start to be their clients, we can contract any of their offers…
The web site is divided in different sections like “orange checking account”, “orange mortgage”, “orange deposit”, “orange broker” and “pension plans”. Also next to the sections we can find the most interesting offers of the bank and a special part aimed to new costumers with special offers like a free cash card or a return of 2% of the principal receipts that you have in the bank.

From my point of view the web site it´s very well outlined: all it´s very clear, you can do a lot of operations saving your time, and of course, your money and it´s very easily to use it.
Also, the web site it´s built with a different aspect: it seems more modern and direct, in comparison with another bank´s web site. And finally, another aspect of the bank that it´s really good for their volume of operations it´s the publicity in relation with the Formula 1 and with the “orange bench” that reinforce their image of a modern bank.

Mark = 5

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