The website address that I have chosen is (The Royal Bank of Scotland).

The site is aimed at all people who want “find the perfect home for them money”, they could be young people, businessman, entities etc have personal banking, private banking, business banking and corporate banking is to say they offer credit cards, personal loans, saving and investments, retirement plannings, insurances, planning & advise and deposits & investments.

I have found very interesting the slogans like” make it happen” or “RBS saving, find the perfect home for them money” because they incite you to know more about the bank. Also in the section of saving and investments, I have found really surprising that they say that you have to pay tax on most savings and investments but in ISA’s plus are different, they guarantee tax free interest so, your savings can grow quicker and guaranteed interest until 1st February 2010,you will always earn at least base rate.

Mark = 5

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