What is the URL?

Who is the site aimed at?

The website is aimed to all the ING’s clients and to all the people interested in the way of making fresh banking of ING.

What can they do there?

They can view them account, open an account or learn more about ING. They can also get information about mortgages, investments and plans for a better retirement.

What type of content does it contain?

The website contains information relationed with banking.

Did you find something especially interesting?

I have found very interesting the section “Accounts for kids” where ING offers one way to start investing for a child’s future. ING gives you two different types of accounts.
As I said, they are different but compatibles, so you can open both at the same time and that is an advantage.

Another thing, I think is especially interesting is the “Orange Mortgage” because nowadays it is a very important matter since we are in crisis because of that.
ING offers mortgage with low rates, low closing costs and with an online service to do your closing or to consult anything.

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