From my point of view, the web site which best fixed for this homework is

This web site is aimed for people in general, from the old ones with pension plans, to the youth people with grants and future plans.

In the content thing, I have found a virtual assistant for all your questions and ask for the best way to carry on your savings. Also I have looked for a special section to the houses offers due to the crisis times that we are living. Another interesting thing is the cell phone alerts, with a quick message they advise you about new alerts on your balance and new offers that may be attractive.

In conclusion, the first interesting thing of this bank is the “easy-pay credit card”. With it, you can postpone all your outgoings for all over three months without paying any returns. Another thing that have called my attention is the social and culturally field , which very dynamic and helps especially to the young people with grants, talent awards, Etc.

Mark = 5

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