The URL is, everyone has chosen ING and other modern original banks, but I’m going to go with a more conventional one which is BBVA, one of the main banks in Spain, with an important presence all over the world.

The bank and its website are focused on a large amount of people; on one hand young people to whom they give facility to pay for their mortgage, cheap trips, etc. to who they offer the bluebbva. They also seek people who want to deposit payrolls and have the security of a big safe bank. The bank also provides investors with tempting businesses in which invest, and finally allows immigrants and people with families in other countries to ship money overseas for a reasonable price.
The site also shows the advantages of the BBVA´s fine home banking in this case through the internet.
The content of the webpage tries to persuade potential clients to trust their savings to the bank, and take their offers.
I´ve noticed two things that have called my attention, the first one is that BBVA is the bank that has offered the most ICO credits for small and medium companies, and the other one is the great advantages a young person can find when opening a blue account.

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