-I will refer to the website of Barclays Bank:

-This website has the objective of providing information about the bank. It is aimed to both its loyal customers and people who are not even clients of the bank.

-You are able to carry out various activities including:
You can check your account and view recent movements made with your credit card. You can be informed about the latest movements in the stock market and and see how your shares are changing in case of being a customer of the bank.
If you are not then you can be informed in detail of the different services that they provide or the company’s history.

-On this page you can find information about: Accounts, cards, deposits, loans, mortgages, funds, investments, pension plans, insuraces and other services for personal banking, business banking or international clients. This information is provided in both Spanish and English.
It also shows the different networks of the entity’s branches and ATMs available depending on the area.
The website provides a contact phone number in case you desire further information about a specific matter.

What I found especially interesting about what the site said was that they offered an innovative service in order to access your personal information. Instead of using the traditional username and password (which you could also do), you are able to use your electronic identity card. This DNI contains an integrated circuit which is prepared to store and process data with higher security measures.

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