I´ve decided to talk about BBVA because although it's a relatively new bank, it's emerging really fast and developing diverse activities around the world. The URL where we can find all the information is the following:
The site is aimed for the potencial customers of BBVA so they can get information about the group. Once you enter the site, you can look up information of all kinds, from financial reports to the history of the group. The potencial costumers can find out if the group is solvent or not in case they decide to invest in it.
BBVA offers a big amount of financial and no financial services to his clients. It's a global group with economic activity in all the world; it focuses on a model based on the customers and the entire society.
BBVA achieves his improvements by efficiency and profitability. As all powerful companies, BBVA creates,establishes and preserves relationships with the most important customers, so they become loyal.I really think BBVA has become an example to follow for many other banks.
In addition, I found really interesting and surprising the photo gallery link, they give you the opportunity of meeting BBVA through a visual display.

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