Sovereign Bank is an US Bank which was recently acquired by Banco Santander. The URL is The site is aimed to a different audience depending if you are a customer, you have a business, a corporation or you are an institutional investor.

The bank provides access to your personal accounts. You can check your balance, manage investments or make other banking services.

The page contains information about different financial products (savings, share information, asset management…), or services (borrowing, insuring, paying taxes…). The site has in the top a link to further information about Banco Santander and also themselves.

I have found interesting an advertisement which says “Sovereign is now part of one of the world’s largest and safest banks”. As we know, most of the US banks have been rescued by the FED or declared bankruptcy. Sovereign tries to ensure that they do not have that problem because they belong to a strong group (Banco Santander). From their point of view that is good for all their costumers.

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