1-The bank í've choosen is the well known british bank HSBC with as it's url.

2-This website is aimed to every single single person interested in any service on offer by this bank. Not only clients from all over the world can access this website but also people who just want to know their policy, annual results or even alluring news about hsbc.

3-The variety of services offered by this bank include personal banking(with credit cards, personal loans, saving and investing, retirement plannings, ect), any information and advise in terms of global banking and markets, also private banking to individuals and businesses and for non clients the possibility to join in.

4-this website includes information about banking types and possibilities, news, etc so the content basicaly is purely informative, nevertheless you also have the possibility of doing your transaction by internet.

5-What I particulary found amusing is the student carrers available. HSBC offers undergraduate and postgraudate progammes in 30 different countries. I found this atractive as a result of the importance of profesional experience when aplying for a job. Not only it offers different destinations but different progammes such as: executive managment, insurance broking, consumer finance, etc so by this you can improve and be a better prepared businessman.

Mark = 5

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