2) This web site is mainly aimed at both future clients who could invest in their bank as well as those who are already clients and wish to be informed about what possibilities their bank may offer for options such as international trade, online banking and improving your cash flow. We could consider that the main target audience are mostly middle aged people with cash who wish to invest in this bank in addition to those who have already done this and wish to explore new opportunities and make use of all the options the bank may offer to their clients.
3) In this precise website from Barclays bank it offers clients who are a member of the bank to log in and check their balance accounts as well as those who have not already registered themselves as an online member to do so. There is a great amount of information displayed for you to choose the segment of information which you wish to acquire information from. They can basically offer information about any offer or promotion the bank may have in this moment and inform you about the changes in your cash flow.
4) The main content is information about the bank, what clearly grabs your attention is the colourful promotions they offer like the discounts in online banking and on tax fees as well as options and advice the bank offers to customers for them to save money and reduce expenses. There is information about loans, insurances, savings, mortgages and current accounts for the client or possible future clients to gain all the information they may require in order to decide whether or not they should invest in this bank and what benefits and options Barclays offers. The content is mainly informative and aimed at achieving new clients and keeping those members they have.
5) I found giving people who enter this website the option of asking a question very useful and comforting for people. Usually possible customers and members have questions about their bank bacause it is obviously very important to them as it manages their money and therefore the fact of them being able to freely ask a question from home or wherever they happen to be very practical. However, what I found most interesting is the fact that you are able to find the nearest branch from wherever you want by simply introducing your post code. This is very practical because it is important for people to know where the can have access to their bank and how far it is from where they frequent.

Mark = 7

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