I have chosen CajaCanarias’ Bank, because it’s the bank which I belongs to, and it has more than 1 million clients. The URL is .

This website is aimed firstly to their customers, for being more comfortable to them to do the salary consults at home, and also goes to the people who are looking for a small, but trustworthy bank in which they can deposit their money in a safe way.

When you enter in this website, you will see a lot of links where you can choose between individuals, companies, card, pension plans, mortages, bank book… , in short, all the tools that a client could need to handle his money, and interesting offers and promotions to attract new clients.

From the own webpage you can create a debit card or ask for a credit choosing the conditions that more convinces to you.

Something interesting that I found in the page is the pursue home, that allows you to make transfers from one to another current account in just a few seconds! In addition, being a CajaCanarias’ member you receive plenty of discounts in trips, purchases, gas stations,… But what has surprised most to me is that if you open a new current account and you deposit during a year an amount superior to 1000€ they give you a last generation laptop!

As we can see, this bank provides very good advantages to us, it isn’t a very famous bank, but it has a good treat with their customers, customers like me.

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