I have chosen Barclays because when I think about a bank, Barclays is the first one which comes to my mind and also it is very well-known.

The target of this huge bank is men and women who are between 30 to 70 years old and who have a high level of incoming resources. Furthermore, Barclay┬┤s target are people who wants to keep their money in a bank which has a long experience in the market and seems to be "someone" you can trust on.

The most interesting thing that i have found about Barclays is that they explain exacly what is the strategy and the objectives of the company. Actually is a great thing because they make their customers feel part of the company telling them that they want to become one of a handful of universal bank leading the global financial services industry, helping customers throughout the world achive their goals.

You can check your credit account, read about how is the bank every day, know the history of the company, what do they do, what are their objectives and all the services that they offer. You can also find a lot of promotions and atractive services to persuede customers and make them live their money in the bank to receive in exchange some interests.

To sum up I would like to consider that this prestigious bank is an example of a company where I would like to work the day of tomorrow when I finish my degree and if that happens it would be an excellent opportunity to aply all the knowledge that I am learning at this University.

Mark = 5

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