The banking website I have chosen is It is aimed to all the people who are able to have a banking account or to work with banking operations. Its target customers go from young people looking for a mortgage to older people looking for a pension. The customer can do many things in the website as the bank offers many opportunities for each customer: He can enjoy many advantages included in the operations related with the bank (mortgages, banking deposits, payrolls, etc), join the BBVA net, etc. The website offers opportunities depending on the kind of customer (foreigners, young people, companies, business, investors, etc) so it gives information from different points of view. BBVA is one of the most important sponsors of the Spanish football league. I find interesting the fact that BBVA has created a promotional campaign called “la jornada de tu vida” which is being really successful. It consists in trying to score a goal from the middle of the football pitch in the half time of a match in an important stadium for money. It is very successful because, although the bank can lose money if they score, it is a great promotional tool as thousands of people are watching it.

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