BANKING: Bank of America

As Kenneth D. Lewis (Chairman, CEO and President) sais "Bank of America helps build strong communities by creating opportunities for people to fulfill their dreams." This site is aimed to their clients, wich are, customers, shareholders and associates.

What Bank of America offers in it´s website is primarily “Online Banking”. This lets you be updated on your available accout balance, the capacity to pay or recive bills, or even the chance to transfer funds. Online Banking alerts you in real time by email or text massage of any recent changes in your accounts.

The content of the website is aimed at three different groups: Small Business, Corporate & Istitutional and Personal. The web site also offers links with information such us enrolling in online banking, to open an account or even products and services.

After I read and whent through the website I end up asking my self a quetion: Is online banking secure? So I investigated and what the website said was that internet Banking assures tranquillity when accinding to your accounts information as it uses “128-bit SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.”this is the highest level of protection possible for all Internet communications, including credit card use and financial transactions. And also the websaite gave especial importante that if you are logged in and you dont use it for ten minutes it directly loggs you out.

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