I have chosen "Bancosantander" because it's one of the most important banks of our country.One of the principal signs of greatness of this bank is its importance in the world, as his successes in the world of business, in spite of the "current crisis".The URL is

The web page is aimed to companies, university students, individuals, institutions.In conclusion, it is aimed to all the clients who want that the bank finances their economic goods, like for example mortgages, current account, a credit card,overdraft, and other economic affairs.

In this web site we can contact with santander bank and see the facilities offered by the bank. We can start being a client, to do money transfers, to see our last movement, to check our account, to see Balance enquiry. The web is divided in financial service,personal loans,bank account,on line banking service,mortgage.The bank sometimes helps you to finance your purchases.

From my point of view the web site is very clear, you can do a lot of operations saving your time, and your money and it´s very easily to use it.I am surprising because the web of the company show here the course of their shares, showing all the financial service: individual customers,companies,institutions,corporations,private banking and universities,it is too dificult because they have included everybody and not every banks can presume of it.

Mark = 5

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