Ram Sharan was born in 1939 in la India,and he is an orator,writer and consultant of companies. The most importants things on his career are that hestudied in Harvard and he an MBA in 1965 and he has a doctorade. He has worked in many importants companys as General Electric, KLM or Bank of Amerika. As well,he has written more novels like "What the CEO Wants You to Know", "Profitable Growth is Everyones Business", "The Leadership Pipeline" and Boards at Work. And he has written many articles that have been published in "Fortune" and "Harvard Business Review".

With this book "LEADERSHIP IN THE ERA OF ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY" Ram Sharan tries to help people to face the crisis. He gives to the reader some piece of advice like using cash money and reconsider our strategies and costs.

He also sees this crisis as an opportunity to learn and, if we follow his steps, to get some advantadges with regard to our competitors.

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