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1.Short biography:

Dr. Charan┬┤s introduction to business started with family shoe shop in India , where he also earned an engineering degree and afterwords a MBA and a doctorate from Harvard Bussiness School, where he served on the Harvard Business School faculty.

The "leading expert in corporate governance" as Fortune identified him, is working to solve the problem for the world most successful companies.

Now a days he is working for Sarbener Oxley and the New York EXchange to improve the group dynamies.

Dr. Charan won nomerous awards as for example:" The Bellringer awards",also his books are very well known.He have sold more than two million copies in the past five years.

2."Leadership In The Era Of Economic Uncertainty":

Chad Holliday, the CEO of DuPont, began to be interested in the financial results of the company,as these were going down.
When Holliday realised the real importance of the crisis, he decided to activate the corporate crisis plan which had already been used for natural disasters.When they noticed that it was only a financial crisis they decided to used 9 of the 17 teams.

Every employee in DuPont had a meeting with the manager, where they explain them what was going on and what they thought the company nedeed to do to conserve cash and reduce cost. The company also wanted to know their psychological reaction. One of the most important accions was to conserve cash so this was a priority.

The managers gave the employees to much confidence so they did not respond as they should.

Afterwords Holliday had a meeting with the company┬┤s top 14 leaders, they had a lot of possible solutions but the problem was that they did not do it as fast as they should.

As a long-term accion the company decided to cut back most of the outside contractor the company had hired.

On the next two years there will be much more to do because Hollidays is predicting more problems with inflationary trends but DuPont will be ready fot that.

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