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1. Biography of Ram Charan

Ram Charan was born in India, in a city called Uttar Pradesh in 1939. he is a business advisor, a speaker and a writer.
He started working in the family shoe shop in his town. He earned an engineering degree in India and he started working in Australia and then in Hawaii. His talent for business was discovered and he was encouraged to earn MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School, where he served afterwards. As a teacher his energetic, interactive teaching style has won him several awards.
For more than fivety-five years Dr. Charan has worked with the world`s most successful companies such as GE, Verizon or DuPont. His success is also as a writer, getting to sell more than two million copies of books such as Execution: the discipline of getting things done and confronting reality.

2. Reaction to the current economic crisis of DuPont.

Firstly, the plan “Corporate crisis plan”, with which senior managers would come together to decide about the cause and solutions of the crisis. After an initial prevention doubt the plan begun.
Secondly, the 17 standing teams that assemble with crisis were brought together. After the meeting there were only nine because the nature of the crisis was only financial.
The next step was to inform the 60 000 employees of the company. In only 10 days every employee had had a meeting with a manager who explain what the company needed to do. They explained them in nontechnical words the roots of the crisis and how it affected the company. The pension fund manager about the possible investment of the retirement founds and each one was asked for ways of reducing costs.
In general, employees seemed to get it and the actions to reduce cost were hold quickly. Even so Holliday thought that they had been working with too much confidence, the reaction needed to be faster because of the urgency.
In addition DuPont had a three-person team of top executives looking at long term actions the company needed to take. The fastest way of saving the most cash was to save the more possible in the 20 000 hires expenses.
DuPont´s initial reaction to the crisis took place in less than six weeks.

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