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Ram Charan is a leading speacker and is famous for giving practical advice to the companies for their business success. He has worked with the most important and prestigious companies as: DUPONT, BANK OF AMERICA, THOMPSON CORPORATION,…

When he realised that he had a special talent for business he decided to dedicate to it. He received the Ph.D. and MBA from Harvard Business School, where he graduated with high distinction and was a Baker Scholar, and after receiving his doctorate work in ''HARDVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL FACULTY''.

Their technical advice is based on proximity to the real world trying to achieve a''growth budget'', improving group dynamics, more efficient techniques, based on the human recurson to achieve profitability. Many people know him for his educational books on business, but also could be one of the awards that have been recognized (best teacher award in Northwestern, was one of BusinessWeek's top ten resources at the heart of executive development programs,…).

He has written two stories and his books have been very successful, besides many of his articles have appeared in: Financial Times, Harvard Business Review,…

Dr. Charan was chosen as a distinguished member of the National Academy of Human Resources.

DUPONT TO THE ACTIONS OF THE CURRENT CRISIS (the strengths of a copy director):

Chad Holliday_''CEO of DuPont''.

Just be aware of the financial situation and the possible contagion, Holliday met with six top leaders to take actions more appropriate to the new location. This concern led him to enact conservation cash.

The crisis began to be more aggressive, affecting different companies that were increasingly difficult to finance by the banks give credits.

The company was alerted to the employees of the seriousness of the crisis, but risky for the shock that could result. That was his''great success'', analyzed the situation and take measures they thought most appropriate. Holliday was aware of how quickly they had to act, so he put it into practice.

Chad was an excellent CEO, he was a shining example of leadership, acting without fear and risk to the new situation of the global economy.

Mark = 4

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