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1. Ram Charan (India, 1939) is known as a write and speaker. He deals with top executives giving advice during the last thirty-five years.

He started to work in his family shoe shop which introduced him to business. He got an engineering degree and moved all around the world improving and developing his talent for business. He tries to implant a specific discipline to deal with the complexities of business. He also teaches his discipline in a particular way and, thanks to it, he has won some awards.

In the last ten years, he focuses on writing several books and articles in order to help everyone who read it.
Nowadays, he is on the board of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics and set in Dallas, United States.

2. First of all, the CEO of Dupont needed to know if the situation was serious enough to take a plan to face the crisis or not. Facing all the problems they really have, Holiday decided to execute the plan.

This plan consisted in 17 standing items. Finally, for some reasons, eight were stood down. In that moment Dupont decided to communicate all the employees to ensure everyone knew what was going on. They interviewed all the employees in order to know if they were able to deal with the present crisis and get over it or not (knowing the company used $18 billion of retirement founds).

The company started to hold cash and eliminate contractors and consultants as far as possible. They also thought in long term solutions like cutting back as much as possible on the over 20,000 outside contractor the company had hired.

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