Ram Charan is a great advisor and speaker in what business respects. He has a great capacity to resolve the toughest business problems. He is the coauthor of many books, between them Execution and he is the author of What the CEO Wants You to Know.

He won in India an engineering degree; afterwards he took a job in Australia and later in Hawaii. When his talent for business was discovered, they encourage him to pursue it. He graduated with high distinction in Harvard Business School, where he served afterwards.

He has worked during thirty-five years behind the scenes with top executives of companies like GE, LKM, Bank of America, etc…
Charan has helped to these companies teaching or showing new strategies, stimulating them.


This text is the introduction of the book; Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty. It is about the new rules for getting the right the things done in difficult times, written by Ram Charan.

In the introduction it explains how they first discover the existence of the crisis and what they did to face it.

Chad Holliday, the CEO of the Dupont, sight the first sign of a economic crisis when he went to Japan, to visit one of his principal customer. The CEO of the Japanese company told Holliday that he was worried about his company cash position.

When the CEO of Dupont landed in United States, he called an urgent meeting with the six top executives of his company, to see how bad the situation was. The situation was a disastrous; it had started in Wall Street but had the potential to reach Western Europe, Russia and most Asia. Credit was disappearing, leaving companies struggling to finance their operations. This was damaging Holliday´s Company.

To be anticipated to what they permission raises, they looked for solutions to confront it.

Chad Holliday saw that the best thing was to prepare mentally the employees of the situation of crisis in which they were. To prepare mentally them in the sense of reducing expenses and helping to preserve money.

The employees seemed to get it, but Holliday had the feeling that the people really did not know the urgency of the situation. So he decides to cancel the subcontracts and that internal employees were taking charge realizing these works.

In conclusion, Chad Holliday, like we say in Spanish, he took the bull by the horns.

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