Charan 1989


- Ram Charan is one of the best speaker and business advisor. He was born in India and soon his talent for business was discovered. He had doctorated degrees from Harvard Business School where he was a distinction student. After receiving his doctorate degree, he served in Harvard Business School, where he won prizes because his special style for teaching.

- He is an expert on business strategy and for more than thirty-five years has worked with some oh the most sucessfull companies such as KLM, Bank of America. Over the past decade, Dr. Charan has written too many books ( "The discipline of getting things done" which has been the bestseller) and some articles.


- This text is a part of the book "Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty" in where the writer explain how the CEO of Dupont, Chad Holliday, try to resolve the problems which involves the current economy crisis in his company. One of the first ideas considered was to conserve cash in case the financial contagion spread. This crisis was caused because a crisis of confidence in Wall Street.

- It was time to take action. It has a plan dubbed the Corporate crisis plan. Immediately, Holliday brings together Dupont´s senior managers to determinate what is necessary to be done to ensure Dupont´s viability ( one idea was to reduce costs and another idea was that travels were curtailed sharply ). Each employee had had a face-to-face meeting with a manager who explained the difficult situation and wanted to know if they are going to try to resolve this crisis.

- Holliday think that employers and the company´s top 14 leaders weren´t responding as fast as they needed. The initial reaction to the economic crisis took place in less than six weeks. Holliday predict that inflationary trends will return over the next year but Dupont will be ready to resolve it.

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