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Biography of Ram Charan:

Ram Charan is a famous business advisor and speaker,among senior executives,popular for his ability to solve their business problems. He provides them advices, he help them giving his own opinion which is well known for beeing relevant.
Boards, CEOs and senior-most human resource executives often ask for his advices on talent planning and key hires.
He has a long experience in business, he has work for thirty-five years with the best executives and in the best companies in the world.
His first approach to business came early because he began working in his family shoe shop, in his small Indian town.
He has a strong training,he earned an engineering degree in India and then soon he began working in Australia and Hawai. Dr. Charan earned MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School where he graduates with hight marks, then he served on the Harvard Business School faculty.
His particular way to teach, energic and interactive has provided him several awards.
Furtheremore he has writting a lot of books and articles which capture his business insight. To finish with, he has served on the Blue Ribbon Comission on Corporate Governance and was elected a Distinguished Fellow of The National Academy of Human Resources.
Nowdays, he is on the board of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics, he is based in Dallas, TX.


In the sample page from his book,Leadership In The Era Of Economic Uncertainty, Ram Charan explain how the CEO of Dupont reacted to the current economic crisis.
Chad Holliday heard speaking about the economic crisis for the first time visiting a major customer in Japan.It was a wake-up call!
When he came back to the United States, he summoned the six top leaders in his company to talk about their economic situation:How bad is it now? How bad could it get?
They concluded that the situation was grim,Dupont´s Business was afected by the financial industry´s problems. It´s a global crisis which regarded all the world.
Chad Holliday was sure that he had to take action to resolve the problems of the company.
Therefore, Dupont who had long experience on contingency planning,decided to create a "Corporate Crisis plan". It became that the nature of the crisis was only financial,so they decided to tell their employees about the situation to ensure Dupont´s viability.
They tried to reduce cost and help the company.
But Holliday had the impression that the measures were not enough and he summoned a couple of time CEO and CFO together to tried to find a way to solve the economic crisis.
Ram Charan concludes that he is a perfect example of leadership, who knew how to take action in advance.

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