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Ram Charan is a distinguished business advisor characterized for solving problems that arise to top managers so they can properly develop the company activity. For his nice hability during 35 years he has been working for many important companys.
Born in India, Ram Charan, started working at a very early age. Later he commence the studies of engineer and finish it also with the distinction of doctorate.
Due to his talent a lot of top managers rely on his methods to guide the company in a efficient way. He also obtain many awards for its well-known methods, which led him to write several books about them.
Thus Ram Charan got to achieve the prestige that has been taken her to be known all over the world.

Holliday decided to invoke DuPont's Corporate Crisis Management plan. The story goes on to explain the steps that Holliday and DuPont managers took with all of the company's employees, to make sure they were making the right moves. It notes that each employee was asked to identify three things they could do immediately to help conserve cash and reduce costs. After analizing the situation, Holliday took on some measures to reduce costs. Finally he came to the conclusion that the faster way would be to cut down 20000 outside contractors.

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