Ram Charan was born in India, he is a business consultant, speaker, writer and famous for resolving the toughest business problems. Charan started working in his family’s shoe shop, he discovered his ability and started his formation on business and ended a degree in engineering, later he suited in Harvard and got a MBA and a doctorate. By the time he became a full-time consultant and gave business lessons in Harvard.
His special way of teaching made him win many awards such as the Bell Ringer and the best teacher award in Northwest.
He is author of many important business books and articles: “Leadership in the era of Economic Uncertainty”, “The game-changer” and others… He rote articles in the Financial Times and in Harvard Review.

“Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncernity”

What seemed a crisis of confidence in Wall Street had the potential of becoming a global crisis. Credit was disappearing, leaving companies struggling to finance their operations. The crisis problems were starting to show: the automobiles companies stopped their production schedules with Dupont
Holliday studied the crisis and evaluated the importance of it, considering the causes and establishing a plan to go though it.
Once they had clear the nature of the crisis (just financial) they continued by informing all their employees about the company’s situation. Every employee had a meeting with a manager who explained and watched employees reaction about the crisis, the manager also asked them for ideas they could imagine to solve the situation or as much cash as possible. Some measures were taken, but Holliday considered they weren’t enough. More things had to be done and in a faster way: he considered which production facilities could be closed (permanently o temporally) to reduce cost.
He figured out that best way was cutting down the 20000 outside contractor the company had hired.
Chad Holliday showed in every decision his leader ship skills: he showed acceptance and fast reaction against the crisis he didn’t panic an used every employees help.

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