1-Prepare a short biography of the Ram Charan.
Ram Charan , who has been become in one of the most important advisor and speaker at the moment , has written lots of books, like , "What the CEO Wants You to Know", "eadership in the era of economics uncertainty" ,etc . In his books , he try to explain different strategies for manage a company, for example, important companies ask him for different problems, and he is able to change the mind of many managers . He has develop a plainspoken Socratic , and with this one , he resolves those problems . He has taught to many important people , like top managers .. and he has worked in the important

2-read the sample page from his book, leadership in the era of economics uncertainty , and summarise how the Ceo of dupont reacted to the current economic crisis.
Charan propose in this book , different steps for using them nowadays with the crisis on the company, those are :
• Protect cash flow vigilantly, even daily, and use cash more efficiently.
• Use ground intelligence to survive the storm and position your business to thrive in the aftermath.
• Develop a better understanding of your customers.
• Reevaluate your pricing strategy and capital expenditures.
• Use cost cutting strategically.
The author , propose that nowadays , with this crisis ,the managers of the companies have to reconsider the mains aims , the companies strategies … because the crisis has developed an important change , which has to be Re-let by urgent performances in the companies.

Mark = 3

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