1. Short biography:Ram Charan.

Ram Charman started working in the family's shoe shop in a small town in India where he was born. He then got an engineering degree in India. He began working in Australia and then went to Hawaii. He was persuaded to study and succeeded getting an MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School, graduating with high distinction. After finishong he immediately workd on the Harvard Business School faculty.
Ram charan now, works as a business advisor and speaker. Famous for his ability to solve business problems. For more than thirty years he has worked with very important executives and in some of the world's most known companies such as GE, Verizon, Bank of America, and many more. He has shared ability by teaching and writing.

2. "Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty":

how the CEO of DuPont reacted at the crisis:

As DuPont is one of the best at incontingency planning. It's plan is to that instantly bring together DuPont’s top managers to appraise the reason or problem that provoqued the crisis and put appropriate disaster-control procedures in their place. very similar to the mothod yoused in 9/11 attacks and in the aftermath of major hurricanes. They had to especulate if the financial storm was serious enough to declare a crisis scaring the employees. At the end he decided that the “Corporate Crisis” was the best option.

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