1)Ram Charan was born and grew in a small Indian town and he was interested in the business working in the store of their family when he was a kid.
It was a brilliant student and it highlighted in their works in Australia and Hawaii.
Since he discovered their special talent for the business he has always been devoted to them.
He is an expert who gives great advice to boards in order for them to improve their group dynamics and many important CEO's and executives ask for his advice on key hires and talent planning for their companies.
Dr. Charan writed numerous books and articles and sold more than 2 million copies. These include the bestseller Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality.
Dr. Charan was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources.

2)CEO of DuPont, first realized the actual magnitude of the economic crisis when he was doing business with a major client and CEO of one of the largest Japanese companies in its sector. The CEO was very concerned with his cash reserves, and that argument gave Holliday the final push he needed to see how bad it actually was.
The effects of the financial crisis were appearing in the company´s results and it was time to take action.DuPont has always been well-prepared and it had a plan called “the Corporate Crisis plan” that would instantly bring together DuPont’s senior managers to put appropriate disaster-control procedures in place. Hollyday had to make a decision whether to activate the Corporate Crisis plan or not, as it might frighten the company´s employees. He decided that the Corporate Crisis plan was necessary.Every employee was informed. Each one was conscious of the situation and had to think about three things he could do to improve and to save costs. They seemed to get it, but Hollyday wanted quicker reactions, as they didn´t really realize of the importance of a quick action. So, Hollyday met again many of the company´s bosses in order to urge them and the employees.
Immediately after, DuPont had a three-member team in charge of working out longer term actions.
The company reduced very noticeably the amount of outside contractors.
DuPont’s initial actions took place in less than six weeks, the company still has much to do, but has already taken the first step, they way it should have. Chad Holliday proved to be the man to count on, as he stood up to the challenge and made the right decisions, at the right time.

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