1. Short biography of the Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a very famous and an important expert business consultant between senior executives. For more than thirty-five years, Dr. Ram Charan has worked for some of the most important companies in the business world; and not only that, also he has written books to share his knowledges

He were born in a small Indian town, where he got his engineering degree. He worked in Australia and after that, in Hawaii. Finaly he went to Harvard Business school and served on it,s business school faculty.
He has won importants awards because of his teaching style. He has written important books and articles. In the past five years he have sold more than two million copies, in these copies we include the best seller : The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality, both co-authored with Larry Bossidy. We can find his articles in Fortune, Financial Times, Harvard Business review, etc. Actually, his is on the board of Austin Industries and Tyco electronics.

2. Summary

Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty

Chad Holliday, the CEO of DuPont, knows first hand what this economic crisis is. His company was one of the first affected and because of that he looked rapidly for solutions. The situation was not very good, it was time to take action.
The Corporate Crisis plan it,s called up strange times, if it is called up, it re-joins senior managers to value the reason of the crisis and procedures of control. Holliday had to think about if declare the situation as critical and of crisis and this way to worry 60.000 personnel or to apply the plan in his own company.
The conclusion was that the nature of the crisis was only financial and at the end of four days course the needs to start to solve the situation were determinated. Holliday decided to talk with the company chief,s economist, with the head of it,s pension fund and after that with each employees to recruit ideas to cut expenses away and to save. Also Chad Holliday at the same time had a three-person team looking for actions that the company were needed of them. The most important decition was that DuPont cut relation with over 20.000 outside contractors.
Besides all that, DuPont have much more to do, and the future situation is uncertain, but Holliday is prepare for it. He is a real leader.

Mark = 5

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