Ram Charan was borned in India. He used to work in the family shoe shop while growing up. He earned an engineering degree in his hometown. Afterwards, he took a job in Australia and then in Hawaii. When he found out his talent in business, he went to study yo Harvard Business School, where he was awarded an MBA and a doctorate, and also worked as a teacher there.
Later on, he started being a full-time consultant, well known for working with some of the most successful companies, like "GE" and "Verizon".
Nowadays Charan lives in Dallas, where he continues with his carreer as a business consultant, speaker and writer (os numerous business books and articles).

The book "Leadership In The Era Of Economic Uncertanty" is written by Ram Charan, is a guide which helps companies to face the crisis, giving advice on how to use cash more efficiently, control the budgets, inbetween other topics.
It seems an optimist guide where the writer encourages the companies to head-on the crisis in order to survive it.

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